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Welcome to Medical Associates

Medical Associates is also known as the Parry Sound Family Health Organization (PSFHO), which is a model of primary health care designed to focus on preventative health care in addition to traditional treatment of illness.


Our PSFHO is part of the Parry Sound Family Health Team, which consists of Allied Healthcare Professionals (AHPs), such as a Nurse Practitioner, Mental Health Workers and a Pharmacist.    If you are a PSFHO rostered patient, you are eligible to access these services.


Since becoming a Family Health Network Primary Care Model in 2004, Medical Associates has introduced various unique methods of patient care.  We are proud to have Registered Nurses who specialize in well-women preventative care management of pap smears and mammograms, obstetrical moms, babies and post-partum wellness assessments, childhood immunization, INR point of care testing and management along with diabetic monitoring and management.  We look forward to continually adding RN specialties to our scope of practice and treatment.


Since 1965, when Medical Associates Clinic was built, Primary Health Care has evolved from the good old days when your doctor had to see you to treat you to the current concept of managing your health without necessarily having to see your doctor.  Our highly skilled Receptionists, Doctors’ Assistants, Medical Secretary and Registered Nurses form this resource team and strive to accommodate patient needs with little or no inconvenience to the patient.   We eagerly seek ways to and continue to improve your health care experience with us.

Introduction to our practice

Our Vision:


Our team focuses on delivering continuity of care; which simply means receiving on-going treatment by your own doctor and support staff.   In an attempt to achieve this, we recently intro ...


List of the members of the practice

  • Doctor Richard Woodhouse

    Speciality: Family Medicine
  • Doctor N. Thwin

    Speciality: General medicine
  • Doctor R. H. Donevan

    Speciality: General medicine
  • Doctor T.J. Higgins

    Speciality: General medicine
  • Doctor D.N. Clarke

    Speciality: General medicine
  • Doctor J.B. Hunkin

    Speciality: General medicine
  • Doctor Rob Stevens

    Speciality: General medicine
  • Maxine Boudreault

    Speciality: Administrator
  • Doctor Katie Gibson

    Speciality: General medicine
  • Doctor Aaron Higgins

    Speciality: General medicine

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About us

Medical Associates

Main speciality:
Family Medicine


Practice Address

Medical Associates
15 James St.
Parry Sound
P2A1T4 Ontario

Tel.:  705-746-9382
Fax:  705-746-7758

Opening hours:

Mon: 8:30-5:00

Tues: 8:30-5:00

Wed: 8:30-5:00

Thurs: 8:30-5:00

Fri: 8:30-5:00


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